Tips to Organize and Tame Your Car’s Clutter

Some days there seems to be no end to your time on the road. Shuttling back and forth from work, school, activities, and errands keeps you on the go most of the day. And an on-the-go lifestyle means your car gets filled with all your on-the-go necessities and a bunch of stuff that you don’t need and really have no idea how it ended up in your vehicle in the first place. But, alas you haul it all from here to there and back again, until your car stuff starts to take over.

Yet, it is possible to get—and even prevent—the mess in your car from getting out of control. It just takes some handy dandy organizational tools and some innovative tweaks to keep your car clutter at bay.

Your trunk is designed to give you ample space for all your stuff, which it does, but when that stuff is not secured, say in a trunk organizer, it just rolls around and creates a mess. Senior Web Editor Lauren Piro suggests using collapsible bins and securing them to your trunk’s lining with a piece of Velcro tape; be sure that an emergency kit, complete with jumper cables, is tucked into one of the trunk’s bins, too.

Command Cord clips are perfect for taming twisty cords and cables, according to Piro, and nothing helps keep funky odors in check like a plug-in air freshener.

Color-coded zippered pouches in a variety of sizes can offer a pop of color and keep toiletry items like hand sanitizer and tissues within reach as well as essential travel paperwork like car insurance and registration information safe and secure, according to Piro.

It’s so easy for stuff in your car to get out of control—with a few tweaks, you’ll be able to tame the clutter and just enjoy the ride.